Problem: Citizens are faced with water, air and environmental pollution due to government regulation that allows manufacturers to use public assets to make a profit.

Solution: Compensate those that suffer with settlements that are above and beyond the normal payout.

Example: Many people are ill and some die from drinking contaminated water especially in areas like South Tucson, Michigan and other locations where the government,  industry or other disasters have made the water unsafe. This is unacceptable. “We The People” will make sure that the people we elect have one thing in mind: safe and clean water for all persons no matter where they live.

In the case of South Tucson, Arizona the water contamination is a disaster that began in 1952. In 1991 over 1,600 residents of Tucson’s south side settled an $84.5 million dollar lawsuit with Hughes Aircraft (now Raytheon Missile Systems Co.), claiming the Air Force contractor had been dumping the industrial solvent trichloroethylene (TCE) into the water table. Over 1000 residents have since filed claims with the Air Force within the last several years saying they continue to suffer from illnesses caused by the pollution including cancers, heart disease and autoimmune disorders such as lupus caused by the drinking-water pollution surrounding the Tucson International Airport. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed unsafe levels of TCE in South Tucson wells in 1981. The contaminated wells were closed in the 1980s, and the city began treating the affected water in 1994. In addition to TCE, the current round of claims also focuses on 1,4-dioxane, another solvent which was discovered in Tucson’s water in 2002.

We The People demands that the United States Air Force (the federal government) and its contractor Raytheon Missile Systems (Hughes Aircraft) should be liable for these illnesses and each citizen who can prove damage should be awarded $1,000,000 minimum in damages.  The government (who works for us the people) shall not engage in practices that do this serious injury to its citizens.  We the People is committed to assisting the residents of South Tucson and other areas of the country suffering from government actions and the resulting polluted water to receive the compensation they deserve.


Water Contamination