Rudy Garcia, the founder and director of We The People, was born in Nogales, Arizona, and raised in Douglas. After service in the United States Army, he received an Honorable Discharge. Garcia worked for Bethlehem Steel in California for twenty years. His career at the steel company ended when the federal government made a decision to open trade with China and the steel business moved from the United States to overseas forcing companies to shed many jobs in the country with countless Americans losing their long time employment. A resident of California at the time, Garcia founded the not-for-profit Willie C. Velasquez Center and became the Executive Director. During his two decades at the helm of the agency he helped facilitated the education and legal naturalization of more than 100,000 immigrants to the United States. While working at the center he was successful in initiating, orchestrating and organizing the first-ever recall of an entire city council in Bell Gardens, California. A natural outcome of the recall was that Garcia was elected to fill a vacant council seat and went on to become Mayor for two terms of Bell Gardens. Rudy Garcia’s vision for We The People is a better life for all, with pure representation of the electorate by and for the people, including limited time in office for elected officials.

To understand what Rudy Garcia has fought for all of his life, these are the issues that are of priority to him:

• Grass Roots Democracy

• Social justice and equal opportunity

• Demilitarize

• Improve the economy

• Education – Improve the learning system

• Environmental responsibility

• Prioritize national health care system for all Americans

• Reduce the National Debt

• Restore funds to the Social Security trust that been placed into the General Fund

• Reign in the Federal Reserve Bank and restore the gold standard